Japanese Style Garden in Downtown Kansai Area


Tennoji park is one of the popular sightseeing spots of Osaka, which consists of a zoo, municipal museum, greenhouse, Chausuyama Tomb and Keitakuen Garden. It’s located Tennoji, and easy to access right by the station. Men and women of all ages can enjoy a good time all day long.

What I recommend most is “Keitakuen” which is a Japanese style garden, built by the wealthy Sumitomo family. Once you try going there, I guarantee you can come into contact with authentic Japanese architecture and beautiful gardens.


Kobe is, needless to say, a well-known port town. There are  a lot of western style buildings, so you can enjoy the exotic sensations of foreign countries. I often go there to eat delicious food and get tasty confectionaries.

If you have spare time while going around, you should visit “Sourakuen” garden which is located in the center of the city. It’s one of the few historical Japanese gardens that the owner donated to Kobe city and now is open to the public. They have the former Hassam residence, boathouse, tea room and gallery. Why don’t you spend some carefree and relaxed time there?


I hope you can enjoy an elegant moment at a low price even if you’re downtown.

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  1. What a great article. Can’t wait to visit the parks and gardens of the Kansas. Thanks, Yuki-chan, for the valuable information. Well done!

    1. Hi Andy! Thank you for reading my article. I’ll take you there when you come to Japan next time. Take care.

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