3 Best Foods in Fukuoka

Thank you for dropping by this article! I’m going to introduce the three best signature foods in Fukuoka. As some of you may already know, Fukuoka is known for its variety of delicious local foods. As I was born and raised here, I’m familiar with them and I’m sure they are all good! I hope you’ll enjoy reading! 🙂 1.… Continue reading 3 Best Foods in Fukuoka

♪Matcha, Matcha, Matcha♪ 〜Häagen-Dazs〜

I bet everyone knows that Häagen-Dazs is a popular ice cream brand worldwide. It is originally from the USA, but did you know there are 40 original flavors made in Japan? Today, let me tell you about my favorite flavor, GREEN TEA! The origin of “Häagen-Dazs” In 1961, the founder, Reuben Mattus, launched his business in New York with the… Continue reading ♪Matcha, Matcha, Matcha♪ 〜Häagen-Dazs〜

Love Osaka Konamon~Okonomiyaki~

There are a variety of delicious foods in Osaka. Especially “konamon” which is a soul food for Osaka people. Do you know “Konamon”?  “Konamon” is a dish made with wheat flour. Udon noodles, pizza, pasta, etc. could be one of Konamon dishes. The culture of this konamon has been developing in Osaka. As you know,  especially okonomiyaki and takoyaki are… Continue reading Love Osaka Konamon~Okonomiyaki~

How Tonkatsu Was Born

Back to the Meiji era Hi! I’m Tonkatsu, a nice and crispy, deep-fried pork cutlet and one of the most popular dishes in Japan! I always help someone re-energize somewhere. In 1872, the Meiji government announced that Emperor Meiji had eaten beef. Therefore, the government would finally and officially allow the people to eat meat, as the western people did.… Continue reading How Tonkatsu Was Born

Welcome, All Vegetarians! No Need to Worry about Food in Osaka.

Being vegetarian is definitely more common in the world than one might think. Vegetarians make up less than 5% of the population in Japan and, to be perfectly honest, I actually had no idea until I wrote this article! I personally don’t have any vegetarian friends, so the topic of vegetarianism didn’t translate into my personal life until I started… Continue reading Welcome, All Vegetarians! No Need to Worry about Food in Osaka.

Let’s enjoy the styles of drinking Japanese sake!!

 Welcome to the wonderful Japanese sake (日本酒) world!! As you probably know, sake is the signature traditional Japanese alcohol beverage fermented from rice.  Sake is actually the generic name for a wide variety of similar beverages. It is divided into varieties of products depending on how much the rice for sake is milled or how long is spent  making it.… Continue reading Let’s enjoy the styles of drinking Japanese sake!!

Welcome to Japan’s Wonderful Fish Culture ~Where are fish caught?~

Japan is one of the world’s leading maritime nations and is blessed with abundant marine resources. The Japanese have benefited from marine resources and have eaten various marine products since ancient times. These marine products are caught by various methods in various parts of Japan, and the aquaculture industry is thriving from the viewpoint of a stable supply and sustainable… Continue reading Welcome to Japan’s Wonderful Fish Culture ~Where are fish caught?~


I love eating! Eating with someone, or enjoying food itself must be a great joy for many people. If you have a chance to eat something with Japanese people or eat out in Japan, you might have heard the Japanese expression, “Itadakimasu.”(いただきます!)Let me introduce the deep meaning of it. Original meaning The core of the phrase “itadaku” is the polite… Continue reading “Itadakimasu!”(いただきます!)

Let’s enjoy traditional Japanese sweets (Part 1): “WAGASHI!!!”

Have you ever tasted wagashi? Do you like them? I love most kinds of sweets! I work as a Japanese sweets confectioner in a small town, so I’d like to tell you all about the good parts of wagashi. Wagashi refers to traditional Japanese sweets. It’s basically made from plant-derived ingredients. There are a bunch of types of traditional Japanese… Continue reading Let’s enjoy traditional Japanese sweets (Part 1): “WAGASHI!!!”

Welcome to the land of green tea!

I assume that you probably know all about matcha (Ma-cha 抹茶), a powdery grated green tea. You might also have tried some matcha-flavored sweets. Now, they are very popular throughout the world. However, there are so many other kinds of Japanese tea, and each has their own value and benefits. In fact, although ma-cha is quite popular, you might be… Continue reading Welcome to the land of green tea!