Love Osaka Konamon~Okonomiyaki~

There are a variety of delicious foods in Osaka. Especially “konamon” which is a soul food for Osaka people. Do you know “Konamon”?  “Konamon” is a dish made with wheat flour. Udon noodles, pizza, pasta, etc. could be one of Konamon dishes. The culture of this konamon has been developing in Osaka. As you know,  especially okonomiyaki and takoyaki are… Continue reading Love Osaka Konamon~Okonomiyaki~

How Tonkatsu Was Born

Back to the Meiji era Hi! I’m Tonkatsu, a nice and crispy, deep-fried pork cutlet and one of the most popular dishes in Japan! I always help someone re-energize somewhere. In 1872, the Meiji government announced that Emperor Meiji had eaten beef. Therefore, the government would finally and officially allow the people to eat meat, as the western people did.… Continue reading How Tonkatsu Was Born


I love eating! Eating with someone, or enjoying food itself must be a great joy for many people. If you have a chance to eat something with Japanese people or eat out in Japan, you might have heard the Japanese expression, “Itadakimasu.”(いただきます!)Let me introduce the deep meaning of it. Original meaning The core of the phrase “itadaku” is the polite… Continue reading “Itadakimasu!”(いただきます!)

How to make homemade miso

Do you know that miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning? It’s as well known as soy sauce or natto, and is a fermented food made from soybeans. We not only put miso into miso soup, but also in various kinds of Japanese cuisine, including noodles, hot pot, fried pork, oden, and other things like that. This means that miso is a must-have… Continue reading How to make homemade miso

To All Ramen Lovers! How To Order / Enjoy Ramen in Fukuoka

1. ”What Is Tonkotsu Ramen”? Hello ramen lovers all over the world! As some of you know, here in Japan, we have several kinds of local ramen, like “Sapporo ramen” for Hokkaido, “Kitakata ramen” for Fukushima, and so forth. In Fukuoka, we’re so proud of our special local ramen – tonkotsu ramen! (*The term “tonkotsu” comes from pork bone) Today… Continue reading To All Ramen Lovers! How To Order / Enjoy Ramen in Fukuoka

How to take up a boxed lunch lifestyle

Why boxed lunch? Have you seen a Japanese boxed lunch called a “bento” ? Many Japanese bring their boxed lunches to school and the office. If you took up a boxed lunch lifestyle, your daily life would be more wonderful! Are you working from home? I guess it’s for you too!  Do you think it’s too much for you? Don’t… Continue reading How to take up a boxed lunch lifestyle