Let’s enjoy the styles of drinking Japanese sake!!

 Welcome to the wonderful Japanese sake (日本酒) world!! As you probably know, sake is the signature traditional Japanese alcohol beverage fermented from rice.  Sake is actually the generic name for a wide variety of similar beverages. It is divided into varieties of products depending on how much the rice for sake is milled or how long is spent  making it.… Continue reading Let’s enjoy the styles of drinking Japanese sake!!

How to Enjoy Izakaya

Do you like izakaya? Have you experienced one before? Are you interested in going to one? Izakaya is a Japanese bar culture where you can not only enjoy alcohol and food but also local specialties. Especially in rural areas, it’s also fun to communicate with the locals. Additionally, each izakaya has its characteristics and strength, so finding your favorite izakaya… Continue reading How to Enjoy Izakaya