A Local Shows You the Way: Three Magic Compliments That Please People From Osaka.

As you may or may not know, Osaka is a very popular city for tourists. However, the charm of Osaka comes not only from the sightseeing spots—but from the people here, too!. Osaka people are generally friendly, lively, and chatty. If you have a chance to visit Osaka and end up having a chat with the locals, it can’t hurt to memorize these three compliments. They will make your trip more memorable without fail. Trust me!  I AM an Osaka local.

1. “You’re hilarious.”  (About Their Personality)

In Osaka, people’s lives go hand in hand with comedy. Our daily lives are filled with a good sense of humor and we often behave as if we are comedians. When you come across such a scene, you don’t need to be surprised.Please just try telling them like this, “You are hilarious!”

This means a lot to us and there’s no bigger compliment than this. In Osaka, it means “You rock!” or “You’re awesome!”

2. “Okonomiyaki is the best.”  (About Osaka’s Local Food)

Osaka is known as the city for foodies and Okonomiyaki is the comfort food for the people of Osaka. If you are asked about your favorite Japanese food in Osaka, this would be the best answer. As a bonus, it would be even better if you could say which region is best compared to the other districts’ style of food. For instance, “Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki” or “monjayaki in Tokyo.”

FYI, if you also like “takoyaki,” you can choose this as your answer instead of okonomiyaki. Osaka people love “takoyaki” too! Personally, though, it’s usually more of a snack. Either way, telling people from Osaka how much you love okonomiyaki or takoyaki is a safe bet.

3. “You’re such a smart shopper.” (About Shopping)

In the past, Osaka used to be known as the City of Merchants. As a possible remnant of this past, Osaka people tend to brag about how cheaply they’ve bought something. It doesn’t mean they are stingy or petty, and it’s not like they ever try to touch cheap-and-nasty things. Instead, it’s proof of their market research ability and negotiation (haggling) ability.

So, rather than praising the actual thing that they bought itself, please praise how they got their hands on it. “Wow! Such a great bargain!”

I think that pretty much covered everything. As I mentioned earlier on, people from Osaka are very cheerful and approachable. So, don’t hold back, and please feel free to speak to us 🙂

We are always waiting for your visit. Have a blast!

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