Phrases popping out of Japanese people’s mouths

This time, I’d like to Introduce 3 phrases that Japanese people use frequently.

1. “Sumimasen” 

I guess that many foreigners know this phrase because it’s famous. Sumimasen is really useful. Japanese people, especially adults, use it more than 20 times  a day!

Sumimasen has several meanings. It is used as “excuse me” mainly, but sometimes it is used as “thank you.” It is also used as a call, like “Ano…” in Japanese. 

By using it, we can also express one’s humility at the time.

Anyway, it’s really useful!!

The words introduced here are often used in the following business situations

2. “Daijyo-bu”

It is also a helpful word. Just like   “sumimasen,” many Japanese use this many times.

It means “okay,” but by raising the intonation of the word end, it becomes a question, which can show that you are concerned or caring about the other person.

If you are asked it by someone, if you are okay, you can say “Un, daijyo-bu.” too.

Really useful!! Easy to use isn’t it?

This word isn’t stick, so we can use it with other people feeling free. This word is a great worker.

These words can also be used in the following situations

3. “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu”

These words are used in business scenes and formal situations mainly. If you use it as closing words, it settles everything nicely.

It means “I look forward to working with you,” “please treat me well,” ”please help me.” It has many meanings! All in all, I guess it’d say, “make it work.“

It appears in e-mails also, anyway, it is often used. 

If you were working in Japan, you would hear this every day.


The words I introduced here are really common ones.

Words are mysterious things, aren’t they?

They change with the times. Some words express opposite meanings, and there are many things that cannot be explained easily.

If you ever come to Japan or have a chance to work in Japan, please try to master these words!

2 Comments on “Phrases popping out of Japanese people’s mouths”

  1. I enjoyed your article again.
    It was very interesting that we use “Sumimasen” more than 20 times a day!
    I will count it tomorrow!
    My children often use “Daijobu” for “No, thanks.”
    Words actually change with the times.
    I think “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” is the most useful Japanese greeting.
    I’ll let my foreign friends know about this article if they have a chance to work in Japan!

  2. Akiko-san, thank you so much for your comment!
    I’m glad you enjoyed my article.
    I used “Sumimsen” and ” Yoroshikuonegaisimasu” many times today!
    I did it again(lol).

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