On the Japanese sense of beauty


I can feel the coming of autumn recently.

The temperature is cooler than before.

Anyway, today, I’d like to talk about Japanese people ‘s beauty sense.

In the past Japanese people sometimes would be thought of as “clean freaks”, or “want to be stylish”.

What happened to it now?

Not Only Women But Also Men

Typically, girls and women like fashion, they try to be clean and beautiful.

That’s a universal fact.

But now, not only girls and women, but also many boys and men are in pursuit of beauty and cleanliness‼

The first thing I would like to discuss concerns “body hair”.

I suspect that most Japanese people (young people, that is) are not very fond of body hair.

So many of us have experienced “hair removal”.

In the past it was mostly women who did it.

But now, lo and behold, men do it too!

Perhaps foreigners will be surprised. I am surprised too.

One day, I realized.

All the young boys had hairless legs.

Not everyone can have light body hair. And yet, most of the boys had no hair on their legs.

I asked the stylist at the hairdresser.

He said, “Yes. All boys and men remove their hair. Some of my clients do it, too.

I knew it!

But I was surprised.

Here are some more examples!

Everyone loves cleanliness.

I know we are only talking about men, but there are more examples.

Most men have their eyebrows trimmed!

I think they are rather fine…in my opinion.

I think they are rather fine… If you look at Korean actors, even if they have them trimmed, they look a bit more natural.

I think Japanese men’s eyebrows are more thinly shaped.

Sometimes I see men with eyebrows that are more nicely shaped than my own.

When I see that, I think to myself, “I have to do it right, too…” (laugh).

It Looks Like They’re Not Wearing Makeup

I don’t see many people without makeup either.

Now we are talking about women.

I rarely notice a woman walking down the street who is not wearing makeup.

They are all beautifully made up.

Not heavy makeup, but pretty much perfect (laughs).

Even when I go to the convenience store near my house, I think there are probably many people who go out after putting on makeup, thinking, “I should at least pluck my eyebrows,” or “I should at least put on some foundation.

Japanese Are Concerned About Their Body Shape

Many Japanese are concerned about their body shape.

I fall into this category, but Japanese people are quite concerned about their body shape.

I think everyone, big or small, is exercising, right?

And they want to be thin.

I think there are a lot of people who are concerned about being fat, having fat legs, etc.

In reality, there are many people who are thin.

I used to study ballet as a hobby.

I used to take ballet lessons as a hobby, and I found that not only young people but also many middle-aged people were toned.

I think that foreign people might think that Japanese people are thin.


Maybe it’s a sign of peace that we can pursue beauty.

How was it?

This time, I wrote about the “Japanese sense of beauty” that you, the foreigner, may not get much of.

I hope you will compare it with the situation in your own country.

When you walk down the street, you see beautiful people, both men and women, who look like celebrities.

I think Japan is a peaceful and happy country where people can care about beauty.

I think I will start working out more starting today⁉

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