Let’s enjoy the special artwork! 〜Jagariko〜

Welcome to this auspicious art exhibition!!

The awards ceremony for artwork starts in a second. Please gather wherever you can see the stage. You don’t have to dress up here. Let your hair down, and grab some beer, wine or whatever you like!

☆Awards Ceremony☆

Thank you for joining this ceremony! I’m honored to be here to announce the three awards for the well-designed barcodes of Jagariko, which is one of the best snacks in Japan produced by Calbee, the giant snack and food company. As stated by the company, these works of art have been created since 2005, the 10th anniversary of its first release.

Today, you can see how the iconic character, the giraffe, which is called kirin (キリン) in Japanese, plays an important role in each picture. It was a really tough decision to choose three designs out of the countless amazing works. Also, let me mention that these awards were decided by just one of the Jagariko lovers.

Now, let me announce today’s awards!

♪Worldwide Award♪

This award is presented to a picture which is easy to understand for everyone in the world and has the power to make people smile.

According to Calbee, this giraffe’s name is Rikako (りかこ), and she says, “Hi, cheese!” while holding a selfie stick. Although saying, “hi” before “cheese” is a Japanese custom, and standing in the middle of a piece of cheese is a rare experience, smiling and using a selfie stick must be worldwide. I’m interested in how her selfie went and how she enjoyed eating the Jagariko cheese flavor opening this package.

♪Lea Lea Award♪

Lea is a Hawaiian word meaning joy and happiness. This award is presented to a picture which offers a joyful ambience.

In this picture, we can see the word “saladansu (サラダンス),” which is a coined word expressing the fusion of “salad” and “dance.” Of course, this is the package of the salad flavor. The giraffe, Jagao (じゃがお), is dancing hula surrounded by notes. Can you feel the sea breeze as if you were in Hawaii?

♪Feel Japan Award♪

This award is presented to a picture which gives an opportunity to learn Japanese, feeling a Japanese vibe.

The giraffe’s name is Ume (ウメ), and she says, “Koko ni UMEyo” in Japanese. It means, “Let’s bury here.” And she is digging under the plum tree to hide the treasure chest. Let me explain this. “UMEru” means burying, and “UME” is plum. Did you notice a play on words? Usually, Japanese plum blossoms are in full bloom around February, and this is a picture on the package of the new flavor “ume,” released in January, 2023.

☆Thanks for joining the ceremony!

Thanks to your cooperation, this ceremony is coming to an end successfully. Don’t miss appreciating the other artwork in the exhibition booth. By the way, Jagariko’s common message is “Tabedashitara kiriganai (食べ出したらキリがない).” It means that once you start eating, you can’t stop it. Did you notice the pun? KIRI in kiriganai means kirin (giraffe) here! That’s why you can see the giraffes here and there on the packages. If you want to know the meaning of Japanese on each package, ask your Japanese friends, and it will create a fun chat. Of course, don’t forget to try a variety of Jagariko flavors!

~Exhibition Booth~

Last but not least, here is a little something extra. I enjoyed designing my original package! I chose the color of my cup and wrote down the messages on it. If you’re interested in making your original one, here is the link for you!

Let’s design your Jagariko package!

My messages are “Everyone is No.1. Congratulations!”
The giraffe, Jagasaku (じゃが作), says, “A huge hit in the whole world!”

Thanks for joining this Awards Ceremony! Jagariko goes well with beer, wine or tea. Also, we can enjoy each package. It has the best of both worlds! I hope you enjoy the crispy time!!


This ceremony is fiction that I created using my imagination. Thanks to the company Calbee, which kindly allowed me to use the pictures, this article was created.
For more information, please check their website. →Calbee

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