Exploring Nature on My Favorite Island: Shishijima Island

Welcome to my first blog

Hello, and nice to meet you! I want to talk about the nature of my favorite island. This island in the Seto Inland Sea is situated about 6 kilometers from a port in Takuma city in the west of Kagawa prefecture. The circumference is 3.8 kilometers. When I visited for the first time in 2018, my heart was impressed with the energy of nature on the island.

The name of the island 

It’s called Shishijima Island. It is 志々島 (Shishijimai) in Japanese. 志 (Shi) means “will.” We read 志 (Shi) as either shi or kokorozasi. 々 is used for repeating the same preceding character. 島 (Shima) means island. 

This is my calligraphy art. 

First impression of the island!

I think that you’ll feel the laid-back vibe once you arrive on the island. 

This scenery near the port calms my nerves every time I see it.

Over 1,000 people lived a long time ago. As the era goes on, people move away from this island, and in turn, the population is only about 20 people (as of September 2023). There are still a lot of old Japanese-style houses or ruined houses. There isn’t a vending machine, not to mention a convenience store. It goes without saying that there is no car. 

You can listen to only the sound of nature.

Tora san came to this island!

Tora san is a main character, played by Kiyoshi Atsumi(渥美清) on Otokowatsuraiyo(男はつらいよ), which was produced by Youji Yamada(山田洋二監督). Episode 46 of this series was shot on this island and released in 1993.

This is a signboard about the filming.

Let’s go to explore nature.

You walk up the steep stairs or narrow path. 

I was huffing and puffing up the stairs, but…                 

Luckily! On the way! I found a lovely woody bench.


I enjoyed taking a break while looking at the beautiful scenery here.

After that, walking up again! 

What a mystical world in the forest!

If you walk up for about 30 minutes from the port,

There is a tree. It has breathtaking scenery.

You’d be surprised how giant the tree is!

This is known as Ookusu (大楠) in Japanese. This is a Natural monument (天然記念物)of Kagawa prefecture. This camphor is 1,200 years old. The circumference is about 12 meters. The height is about 23 meters. 

There are mystical and energetic vibes around the tree. 

Without question, this tree brought me to the island on my first visit there. The silent mysticism atmosphere of this place brings me peace of mind and recharges my energy.

You can see the pictures below, but it doesn’t do justice. When you have a chance, please go to feel the vibes there. This will not disappoint!

Almost all the people who visit here pray to this tree. Some people say this island is an Inori no shima (祈りの島). “Inori” means to pray.

This rope is called Shimenawa (しめ縄). It expresses that this location is a sacred place.

Doesn’t it look like the branches live as if they’re animal heads? It looks like the head of a goat!

Let’s go to the viewpoint! 

If you walk up about five minutes from a big tree, you can find a cute house made of wood.

You can enter the house and see a beautiful ocean from there.

This is a viewpoint called Kusunokura (楠の倉).

Let’s head up to the top of the island 

If you walk up a narrow path for about 30 minutes more.


I arrived at the top of the island named Yokobono Tusuji (横尾の辻, pictured below)

The Height is 109 meters. You can enjoy looking around the beautiful scenery of the Seto Inland Sea with a 360-degree panorama view.

 View of the Seto Inland Sea

Walking around this island at only at low tide.

You can walk around for about less than two hours while walking on the beach or the rock. My friend who lived on the island recommended the activity to me. I felt anxious before starting to walk. However, the experience was better than what I expected. I believe nature brought me the courage to go forward. This was one of the good challenges this summer. 

You walk on the rocks almost (left picture). You can enjoy walking on the west side of the island (right picture).

Gift from nature on this island

When I winded down with a cup of coffee at a cafe after walking around, a rainbow caught me by surprise.

The mountain in the middle of this picture is a famous Sanuki Fuji (讃岐富士) in Kagawa prefecture.

At the time, I met a few goats owned by an islander. A baby goat named Honyu (ホニュ) was getting closer to me. I told the baby goat, “Look! You can see a rainbow!” 

Then, out of the blue, as if she somehow understood my words, Honyu rose up the embarkment, like she was trying to get a better look. I captured this magical moment in the photo below! 

Did Honyu understand my words? Was she seeking a better view of the rainbow?
This moment was a mystical miracle gift from nature on this island in the summer of 2023.

Relaxation time after walking

There is only one cafe on this island. It is Kusu Kusu near the port.

You might be able to hear about the island from the owner of the cafe or people who live on the island. It might be a good idea to drop by the cafe before taking the return ferry.

Only one guest house on this island

The guest house  is named Kinsenka (きんせんか).

Traditional wooden house. The left picture is the entrance. The right picture is the front of the house. All rooms are tatami rooms.

This is an old Japanese-style house. There is no TV or Wi-Fi, but you can get away from the hustling and bustling city life. The silence after sunset and the crack of dawn is a gift from nature on this island. That’s the beauty of staying here.

This flower is Kinsenka. It seems many bloomed a long time ago on this island.
This was displayed on the table when I stayed there in spring of 2019.

Thank you for the heart of hospitality on the mystical island. 

I will go again.


It takes 20 minutes to get to  Shishijima Island (志々島) from Miyanoshita Port (宮ノ下港). You can go to Miyanoshita port by taking a taxi or bus for about 10 minutes from Takuma station (JR line).

 There are only three  ferries a day. Please check Awashima Kisen Ferry Service (粟島汽船サービス).


I only introduced the nature of this island today. There are other fascinating things on this island. I’d like to tell it someday again.

Thank you for reading my first blog. I deeply appreciate everyone who supported me.

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  1. Naomi-san, congratulations on your How to Japan debut! I love your words of “A wonderful opportunity fell into my lap! ” Yeah, I should thank the oppotunity, too! Thank you for sharing about the charming island, Shishijima. Your beautiful calligraphy paint a picture of your love for the island. It’s good to know they have a nostalgic accommodation. I would love to visit someday.

    1. Yes! I feel like there are many opportunities every day. They make my day! Thank you for reading my blog and commenting your beautiful mind. Your words make me feel peace of mind. I wish you would visit this island someday.

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