My Year – from a tree –

Hi! I’m a tree. I live in a park in Japan. Here’s my year-round diary.


Excited and a bit nervous first graders with yellow hats and brand-new randoseru show it’s the beginning of the new school year.


Golden Week is one of the most enjoyable holidays with the perfect warm weather for many Japanese people. Some take a trip, go hiking, have a picnic, and others visit museums, or go with Netflix and binge watch their favorite series.


Pitter-patter♪ The rainy season has come. The shower of happiness pours over me before the boiling summer. Colorful umbrellas, fashionable rain boots, and even rain coats especially for bikers color the grayish scenery. 


Thank goodness it’s sunny and clear today! I’m stretching myself, mimicking some kids doing the radio exercise! Their summer vacation has just started. Stay hydrated and add memorable moments to your diary!


Hi, Mr. Cicada! It’s hard to get through this hot and muggy summer, isn’t it? Nobody is here, but I’m sure many Japanese people are enjoying your singing. How was your summer? Live life to the fullest, buddy!


The other day, I played with the wind and changed my outfit. I can wear this yellowish one only for a short time. Did you enjoy viewing the Harvest Moon last week? Of course, I did! Eventful autumn is coming soon!


October is one of the most comfortable months in a year. I can hear children chatting about their school events. Sports festivals, field trips, autumn festivals, chorus recitals…you can sit on the bench here and let your hair down after a long day!


November 15th is “Shichi-go-san.” Japanese people celebrate the growth of children aged 3, 5, and 7. I’m happy to see them wearing traditional kimonos and walking through this park with big smiles. You can’t slide, nor swing today, kids!


This year is coming to an end. It seems everyone is rushing to prepare for the most important event, New Year’s Day! How was your year? Me? Just as usual.


Happy New Year! Brrr…it’s freezing, but many people are passing by before and after visiting a shrine. I heard they pray for a prosperous year. Kids look happier after getting otoshidama, New Year’s gift money!


Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi! (Ogres out, fortune in!)” Japanese people throw beans, shouting like this on Setsubun, the day between winter and spring. It’s still cold, but I know spring is just around the corner.


Oh happy day!! This is my final page of this diary. Many people look at me only for these ten-plus days in a year, and I’m proud of being here, wearing a Japanese iconic pink outfit called cherry blossoms!

Although the changes of seasons are getting blurred recently, I believe many Japanese people love having four seasons, and it deeply touches their lives.
My year

FYI: With the idea of local people, this cherry tree was planted in 2001 when this park was created. How old it was at that time is unknown.

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