Work of Japanese side-job farmer


It’s time for new sprouts to grow gradually on the trees. My persimmon variety is called “Jiro persimmon,” and it features a square shape. Persimmon trees are very vital, and a lot of sprouts grow from where they are pruned in winter. At the same time, flowers bloom. Sprouts that are too long block the sunlight, so the next sprout will be thin and weak, and there will be fewer branches for next year. Therefore, we remove sprouts that may interfere with growth.

Before removal

After removal

When too many flowers grow, they use too much nutrition and the persimmon fruit becomes small and less sweet. Therefore, from late April to early May, we will do the work of picking buds. At the time of harvest, the flowers and badly shaped buds are removed so that each branch bears a fruit.

How to Remove Buds 

If it is in the bud stage, remove it by hand, but use scissors when it begins to grow. First, remove buds other than ones that have four petals, including upward-facing buds and scratched buds.

Good shape

Bad shape-1

Bad shape-2

It’s a very slow and steady process, but it’s a very important process.

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