Delicious Japanese Food For Autumn In Japan

This time, I want to share delicious Japanese foods that suit the autumn. The term cools down; there is delicious food in Japan!

I’m confident that you would want to eat the foods which I recommend after reading my article! 

I want to eat them right now, even though I’m just thinking about those foods.

Chukaman – Do You Know It?

I eat this frequently.

You can mainly find it in convince stores. Chukaman is a kind of bread which have something; like anko or meat or other ingredients (for example cheese) inside the bread. 

The bread’s color is white, and it’s schemed, so soft and hot.

Of course, the ingredients are also hot!

The bread portion of chukaman is made from flour, yeast, baking powder, or shortening.

Chukaman is based on the Chinese dish baozi. The baozi is arranged to suit Japanese tastes and is called chukaman.

I said that it is sold in convenience stores, and it is ready to eat. But you can buy it can be bought in supermarkets, in this case, you have to heat it in the microwave before eating.

Chukaman is a cheap snack, not high in calories. So you can eat it anytime when you are hungry and before dinner.

If you come to Japan, you should definitely try to eat one!

Oden – Popular Food For Cold Season 

Now that’s just the kind of food that’s perfect for fall and winter!

Do you know oden? If you are in Japan, you definitely know it. But if you are not in Japan, many people don’t know the food.

If that so … you have to google it! You have to try it!

Oden is a dish that is simmered ingredients with dashi soup. Dashi soup is a Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp. Ingredients of oden are many kinds. Mochi, seaweed ,fish paste, tube-shaped fish paste cake, a flour paste cake in the form of a tube, Japanese white radish, Hanpen (solidified fish paste), and boiled egg…Many kinds! 

The origin of oden is not clearly known, but it is said to have occurred around the time soy sauce was invented in the Edo period.

You can buy oden in convenience stores and supermarkets, the same as chukaman.

Because everybody loves it!

It is of course not only delicious but also healthy.

It is not oily, and the taste is kind. Dashi creates a gentle taste.

The taste of dashi is like the taste of pot-au-feu soup.

After eating oden, you feel calm.

Dried Persimmons – Thanks To Their Natural Sweetness!

 It’s my favorite. Once you eat it, you’ll understand too.

I don’t know whether this food is eaten outside of Japan, but I strongly recommend it!

This is a little bit expensive, because it takes a lot of time and effort by the maker, and because of those, it is really delicious!!

The majority of dried persimmons are made from astringent persimmons. As the persimmon is exposed to sunlight and slowly drained of water, it loses its astringent taste and becomes sweet. Dried persimmons are the result of the transformation from an astringent persimmon into a very sweet snack.

I mentioned that they are expensive sweets, but if you try one, you will understand their nobility. It is worth the high price.

Baked Sweet Potato - Excellent!

It is a must-try when you come to Japan!

Have you eaten baked sweet potatoes? It’s different from steamed sweet. There’s nothing like a baked potato, especially on a cold day!

It is an experience that every Japanese person has had.

Making baked sweet potatoes at home is difficult for us, (there are some machines for it but,) but, it is popular (especially for women),  it is sold in convenience stores and supermarkets also. There’s nothing like a baked potato, especially on a cold day!

It is an experience that every Japanese person has had.

Making baked sweet potatoes at home is difficult for us, (there are some machines for it but,) but, it is popular (especially for women), it is sold im convenience stores and supermarkets also.

Oh, I feel like having one right now.

Okonomiyaki – Great Food In Japan

This is another food you must try!

This okonomiyaki is also a very famous and popular food in Japan.

The seasoning and ingredients vary slightly from region to region.

But every region’s okonomiyaki is delicious!

In Tokyo, there is a type of okonomiyaki called “monjayaki,” which is a slightly softer version of okonomiyaki.

These can be eaten all year round, but since they are cooked on a teppan, the area around the teppan is warm, and on cold days, this warmth enhances the flavor of the okonomiyaki even more.

Okonomiyaki, monjyayaki can be made at home.

Okonomiyaki ingredients are available for sale.

Sometimes I make it at home. Eating it in a restaurant is good, but eating it at home is also good! 

I want you to eat it! I believe you will be happy! 

At The End…

Let’s get through these cold months with some good eats!

How was it?

There are many Japanese foods that taste even better in the fall and winter.

All of the foods introduced here are characterized by their non-greasy and gentle flavors.

And since most of them are healthy, I recommend them to everyone, young and old.

If you come to Japan, or even if you are in Japan and have never tried any of these foods, please do try them.

It will make you feel happy and warm!

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