MY favorite local areas and spots in FUKUOKA

Hi everyone! Have you ever been to Fukuoka? It’s in the western area of Japan. 
It takes 3 hours to fly from Fukuoka to Korea or Osaka.
I have three favorite spots and areas to recommend, and if you read this article, you will definitely want to come on a trip here.


It has different faces in the daytime and nighttime.
I feel it is the most attractive place.
Please let me introduce two spots that are good to visit during the daytime first!
I like to eat. Oftentimes I go to the cafe called Suzukake and bakery once a day.
Suzukake(鈴懸) is a popular local Japanese sweets (和菓子:わがし wagashi) store.
If you are able to eat sweet tasting red bean, you should visit their main store.

Strawberry Daifuku”いちごだいふく”
Buy this during strawberry season. The store always has a queue. I recommend you go at opening time.
They not only sell some wagashi, but also parfaits and other food.
Likely somebody has ordered a parfait once. It is just the size and shape of a small bell monaka.
*最中(もなか:monaka) are bean-jam filled waffles.

Speaking of Nakasu, how about night time and this view!
I might like this place better than anywhere else.
Along the river the left side has many stalls.
The right side has some bars and I recommend you stop by some bar there with your friends or partner if you want to drink alcohol!
I believe you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Do you like whiskey with soda? It is called ハイボール in Japanese. You should order ”Nakasu hai”, which is original whisky or mixed daily with special fruits. . How do you like it?
ハイボールバー 中州 1923 ighball Bar Nakasu 1923

You need to pay ¥500 as an entrance fee, but it includes some snacks.
I equally recommend taking a walk here in the daytime and nighttime.
However this area does not have good security at night because there are only two police offices.


Probably everyone likes a beach, right ? Do you know anybody who doesn’t like it?
I have a reason that I do. I like the townscape and the atmosphere at the seaside and this area has a museum and a big library. Oftentimes my parents took me to the library when I was a child.
You need to get a membership card when you borrow books. I remember when I was a student I studied some subjects here because I didn’t have money to buy books. This library mostly has Japanese books. Even if you don’t go to the library you can enjoy the ambience. You should stop by here. Which library is the best in your country?


Ohori-park is close to the main city. To get here it takes about 15 minutes on foot.
Many people run here because it’s only 2 km around the lake.

Along the lake are some cafes, ice cream shops, and a museum.
Some kind of beer bar and cafe recently opened. I haven’t been there yet. I have mixed feelings about this, because I don’t want any new things to be built because I want to maintain the same atmosphere,  but I think that includes new spots opening.

Do you want to add a new trip to your list?
Thank you for visiting my article! Have nice day 🙂

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